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Sapphire Hair Transplantation

One of the most common problems people complain about is baldness caused by hair loss. Upon the fast popularization of hair transplantation operations, technological breakthroughs in this field also provides those who will undergo operation with the opportunity to have more options. Hair transplantation operations carried out by Sapphire tip have been developed as an alternative to classical operations. It is named after the sapphire gem which is used for opening the channel to be transplanted.

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What is Sapphire Tip Hair Transplantation?

It is necessary to open a channel in the scalp in order to transplant hair follicles in the new area. This technique is known as classical fue technique as well, for which the tool to be used in the operation will be determinant in the name of the operation.  If the tool to be used to open a channel has a sapphire tip, the operation is called as Sapphire Fue. The procedure is performed by using local anesthesia and the scalp is numbed and a channel is opened for hair transplantation.

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    What is Sapphire Fue?

    Since Sapphire is an element found in nature naturally, it is very valuable. Using the blades made of sapphire crystal in order to open a channel in the scalp puts forward the path through which hair transplantation will be realized. Even though Sapphire Fue is named after the tool used in hair transplantation, it is also known as the sapphire technique. It is one of the most preferred techniques in hair transplantation procedures. It is much easier to open channels thanks to this element naturally found in nature, which means that  the operation will be completed in a shorter time period.

    What are the Advantages of Sapphire Hair Transplantation?

    Sapphire hair transplantation;

    • Less bleeding
    • A quick and easy recovery process
    • Natural results
    • Less damage to the skin
    • Experiencing a less painful recovery process
    • Less risk of infection
    • One-time use of customized blades
    • More frequent hair transplantation
    • Thickness options according to the person’s hair structure

    Sedation in Sapphire Hair Transplantation

    One of the auxiliary factors used in Sapphire hair transplantation is sedation. It is a preferred anesthesia method because of its nature which can be customized. With the help of the sedative medicine method, all reflexes of person are maintained and only the relevant area is numbed. Sedation in Sapphire hair transplantation prevents the person who will undergo the operation from feeling pain. It is a very reliable method of medicine to be used even in young children. So, it can be easily preferred. For those who do not prefer this method can enjoy sedation-free transplantation.

    Prices of Sapphire Hair Transplantation 

    Sapphire hair transplantation which has a higher price because of using different tools than classical Fue technique, is priced based on area of transplantation. The larger the area of transplantation, the higher the price of the operation gets. It is possible to get through a painless operation thanks to Sapphire Fue technique, which is a new method in the hair transplantation procedures.