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It is one of the methods preferred by people to eliminate health problems arising from the nose structure and to have a beautiful appearance. 

Rhinoplasty can give such good results in eliminating some disorders in the nose structure that make breathing difficult.

As there are surgical options, it is possible to perform various types of procedures without surgery in rhinoplasty procedures.

You can safely get the most professional services about every subject in our health establishment.

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How is rhinoplasty surgery performed?

To get solutions for the nasal deformity and other type of problems you have to go through some steps:


The place where the bone in the nose will be taken is determined, 

After the anesthesia procedure, the bone part is reached,

If correction is necessary, tissue is taken from the cartilage,

The tip of the nose is corrected within the framework of this procedure,

Finally, the procedures are completed with the application to be made for the width of the nostril,

All rhinoplasty surgeries are successfully performed by our specialists who are experts in their fields in our health establishment. Our clients can return to their daily routines in a short time.

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    Liquid rhinoplasty

    Many people can choose non-surgical options as well as rhinoplasty, as their procedures are more practical and comfortable.With this treatment type, it is possible to get rid of many problems.

    Liquid rhinoplasty procedures are also performed in our health establishment.Our physicians, who are experts in their fields, interfere according to the problem by using techniques such as nasal filling or nasal tip botox.

    Operations such as nose tip lifting can be easily performed without surgery. You can safely get quality support from our health establishment for a liquid rhinoplasty procedure. 

    After Rhinoplasty Surgery 

    After the rhinoplasty surgery it is absolutely necessary for people to pay attention to some important issues.Our patients can return to their daily routines by recovering in 2 to 3 days.In addition, the stitches can be completely removed in about 1 week.

    It is important at this point not to touch your nose and not to move it.
    All complaints disappear within a week. 

    It takes a period of 1 month for a full recovery and adaptation. It is possible to get comprehensive information from our specialists about what should be done after the surgery.

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    You can easily contact our healthcare provider regarding rhinoplasty procedures. It is sufficient for you to use our contact information on our site.

    This way you can set your appointments and have meetings with our experts if necessary.

    Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost


    There are different techniques and methods used in rhinoplasty procedures.

    In general, the prices for this service varies regarding the health problem and the method to be used.


    You can always safely get the necessary professional services within the scope of many different techniques from our physicians who are experts in their fields.

    You can always safely get the necessary professional services within the scope of many different techniques from our physicians who are experts in their fields.You can also benefit from our most affordable and reasonable health service costs.