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PRP Hair Care

It is of great importance to protect hair health and to have a lively appearance on hair in life in many aspects. However, even though it is not something that is desired, diet or some environmental conditions can cause the hair structure to deteriorate.

Accordingly, people can experience problems such as hair loss, dandruff or loss of lively appearance on hair. When these problems become visible, a solution must be found in a short time.

And PRP hair transplantation is one of the important techniques by which numerous people can have many benefits within the scope of these problems. The main purpose of this technique is to  reverse the scenario of hair loss and damage.

After the PRP technique, the hairs begin to regain their volume and lively appearance. If you are intended to be supported in this sense in the most professional way, you can get in contact with our health center.

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How is Prp Hair Transplantation Performed?

Each hair transplantation technique has their unique application methods and manners. In PRP technique, various plans are based on.

  • The 10-20 ml blood is taken from the person who will undergo transplantation,
  • Red cells of blood are separated by microfiltration and centrifugation techniques,
  • The rich ingredient obtained as a result of this process is applied to the hair follicles,
  • The procedures are completed and the recovery process for  hair follicles is initiated,

In general, Prp hair transplantation is performed by specialists after the aforementioned steps. In this technique which is very simple to be applied, it is high probability to have effective results.

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    How Long Does Prp Hair Transplantation Take?

    Prp hair transplantation procedures can be performed for an average of 20 and 30 minutes. Since it is not require a serious operation such as surgery, the procedures can be performed smoothly and in a short time.

    It is of great importance to apply this procedure up to a few sessions in order to obtain a maximum benefit. We can provide regular support to all our patients by our specialists.

    For Whom is the PRP Hair Transplantation Suitable?

    Numerous people who have aesthetic concerns about the appearance of their hair can benefit from PRP technique. Those who have thinned hair or in the advanced stages of hair loss problem can be supported by PRP technique. Thanks to this technique, people can stop hair loss in a short time and get a chance for hair to regrow.

    Effects of PRP Hair Transplantation

    PRP technique which can save many people from various hair problems demonstrates its effects within 3-4 months following the operation. However, it is of great importance to not interrupt the session to get the effective and successful results in this process.

    Prices of PRP Technique 

    Prices of PRP hair transplantation  vary depending on the hair structure of the patient and the type of application. So, an evaluation should be carried out under the supervision of a physician. And then the price can become clear. If you want to get this operation at the most reasonable prices, you can get in contact with our health center and receive the necessary information.