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Hair Transplantation

Hair loss, which is mostly observed in men, can sometimes become more intense and cause a part of the scalp to be completely bald, which can  affect the psychology of the person, their social relations and self-confidence in negative direction.

Or, even if there is no negative emotion, the person may want to invest in their appearance by regaining their hair. In these cases, the action to be taken is to receive a hair transplantation service from a correct and competent center. Hair transplantation is a procedure with no risk; however, there might be some problems if performed by a person who is not specialist.

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Hair Transplantation Methods

Hair loss occurs in the side and top parts of the head. The hair in the nape area is not expected to be completely lost. Hair transplantation procedures are performed mostly by collecting the hair follicles from the nape area and transplanting them to the area of hair loss. There are two accepted methods of hair transplantation in today’s world.

They are:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction FUE)
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    FUT Method: This method can be said to be abandoned now. Because in this method, a piece of approximately 12 x 3 cm is taken from the scalp in the nape area. These follicles are divided into follicular units in a separated place and transplanted in the relevant area. In this method which is faster than FUE method, a large and visible scar is left on the nape area. The most important disadvantage of this method is the marks.

    FUE Method:  It is the most widely used method across the world. Since it does not leave any scar or mark, it is preferred.  It was first applied in 2004.

    In the FUE method, the hair follicles in the nape area are collected one by one by a special electrical tool called micromotor. And then they are transplanted in the determined area.  It takes quite a long time compared to the FUT method, which might be around  6-8 hours.   On the other hand, it is of great advantage to not have any scar or mark on the nape area.

    Does Hair Transplantation Bear Any Risk?

    Hair transplantation bears no health risks. However, the following points should be considered before performing the procedure:

    • If the person undergoing hair transplantation has diseases, they should be known by the specialist who will perform the procedure. If the patient uses blood thinners such as aspirin, they should not use any before the procedure.
    • If the patient smokes or consume alcohol, they should not before the procedure.

    In the hair transplantation procedure, the ratio of hair follicles to be taken from the neck area  should be paid attention. In the procedures applied by the person who is not specialist, the hair in the nape area is seen to become scarce disturbingly. Because the hair follicles to remain in this area have been damaged during the procedure, that  the cure is worse than the ailment, and loss is observed in the hairy skin.

    Is There An Age Limitation For Hair Transplantation?

    There is no age limit for hair transplantation. Anyone with hair loss can benefit from this service. Also, there is no gender restriction. Women can receive service to make their hair thicker. It is evaluated based on the rate of shedding in the transplantation area.