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FUE Hair Transplantation

Fue hair transplantation surgery which solves the hair loss and baldness problems that is one of the most common problems that both women and men experience is among the most preferred procedures. The hair transplantation procedure which is called Fue should be performed by specialist surgeons. Operations performed under the leadership of doctors who have knowledge and qualifications about hair transplantation achieve the success. Following several steps to be completed for fue hair transplantation, the operation can be initiated.

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Fue Hair Transplantation Design

After determining the front hairline along with the hair design, the hair density should also be determined. The indentation and protrusion of hairlines to be placed on the front part of the hair are determined by a specialist and the approval of the person is obtained. At this stage, it is under the initiative of the person to determine the hair density from low to high. Hair transplantation is initiated by completing these steps.

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    Determining the Growth Directions of Hair Roots in FUE Hair Transplantation

    Hair transplantation might seem like a simple procedure; however, it requires attention since many different factors are a matter of fact. There are two different techniques commonly used in hair transplantation procedures. One is known as the Fut technique while the other as the Fue technique. In hair transplantation, the follicle is taken from the nape of the head area which is sensitive to hair loss, and then injection procedure is applied. One of the significant criteria of the procedure is to divide the follicles into categories for their length and growth direction.

    The Importance of the Nape Area in Fue Hair Transplantation

    The follicles to be taken for the hair transplantation through Fue technique are generally taken from the nape area. Because the follicles in the nape area are sensitive to testosterone and loss. In case of hair loss in nape area because of any different condition, hair follicles are taken from different parts of the body. Fue hair transplantation is performed by a specialist after these procedures are completed. There are some points to consider after the procedure.

    Post-Fue Hair Transplantation Procedure

    After Fue hair transplantation procedure, hair transplanted to the relevant area begins to shed within nearly 1 month, which is  normal, and within 5 months following the hair loss process, it is seen that the hair grows from the strong and non-shedding follicles. In addition to the technique used, the specialist should be expert in this field and the procedure  has an efficiency of 90%. People who have undergone the procedure are notified about how to wash their hair after the the procedure.

    Prices of Fue Hair Transplantation

    It is not possible to undergo fue hair transplantation procedures over a fixed price. Since pricing is realized based the rate of baldness and the amount of hair to be transplanted. Also, the quality of the technique is one of the factors to determine the price of procedure.

    Among the factors to determine the price: 

    • Graft amount
    • The technique to be used
    • And other factors.