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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgeries are carried out by our cosmetic surgery specialists. Operating on the lower and upper eyelids, the sagging skin and excess tissue in the eyelids are removed, so that the eyes gain an aesthetic appearance.

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Causes of Eyelid Sagging

The eyelid naturally droops as a result of old age. Also due to;

  • İnsomnia,
  • Alcohol and drug use.
  • Sun exposure,
  • Air pollution
  • Excessive smoking

As it accelerates the aging process of the skin, it also causes eyelid bags, loosening and discoloration of the eyelids.

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    Causes of Aging in the Eyelids

    The skin has an elastic structure and loses its elasticity as it ages. As we age, the loss of elasticity on the face and the consequent excess skin first occur in the eyes. Bags in the eyes are among the first signs of aging. Bagging and sagging skin on the eyelids cause the person to look older than their age. Our expert cosmetic surgeons eliminate this problem with a small operation.

    Signs of Aging on the Eyelids

    Signs of aging on the lower and upper eyelids;

    • Bagging on the eyelids
    • Color change in the eyelids
    • Drooping of the upper eyelids
    • Eyelid sagging and wrinkles
    • Lines around the eyes

    As a result of these symptoms, sagging occurs due to the loosening of the eyelids. Sometimes droopy eyelids can prevent vision.İt causes a tired and exhausted facial expression.

    Eyelid Surgery and Age

    Eyelid surgeries are performed for those over the age of 35. Because eyelid drooping occurs after this age. But anyone who needs it can have eyelid surgery at any age. After  the eyelid surgeries,  performed by our plastic surgeon experts, the tired and exhausted facial expression leaves and a lively and calm facial expression emerges.

    Things to Consider Before Eyelid Surgery

    Aspirin and antibiotics should be discontinued for 15 days before surgery. As people using this drug may have a tendency to bleed during surgery. Herbal supplements should not be used in this process. Since the use of alcohol and cigarettes has a delayed healing effect, it is recommended to interrupt their use.

    Upper Eyelid Surgery 

    During upper eyelid surgery, excess skin and muscle tissue in the area is cut. Since the eyelid incision is made from the folding point of the eyelid, there is no scar after the operation. Better cosmetic results are obtained when combined with forehead lift and eyebrow lift procedures.

    Lower Eyelid Surgery 

    The fatty tissue in the cheekbones goes down with aging and cavitation occurs in the lower eyelid. These fat pads are hung in place with an operation. If the lower eyelid regains its old appearance after this procedure, there is no need for any operation on the lower eyelid. However, if the cavitation in the lower eyelid does not disappear, the lower eyelid surgery is performed. The lower eyelid surgery incision is made just below the eyelashes. From here, the skin is lifted and the fatty tissue is spread. Excess skin and muscle are cut, allowing the eyelid to regain its old appearance.