Eyebrow Transplantation

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Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrows become sparse since women go through various procedures and get their eyebrows to be removed in order to shape their eyebrows from the very first years of their youth. This situation might prevent people from give the eyebrows the desired shape over time. And some women have very sparse eyebrows which is congenital. In both cases, women might need to undergo eyebrow transplantation in order to feel better and shape their eyebrows. 

In the past years, very thin eyebrows were preferred. However, in recent years, more voluminous eyebrows have become a trend. So, eyebrow transplantation is often preferred. In order to have the desired eyebrow shape, men mostly demand for eyebrow transplantation.

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Eyebrow Transplantation Method

The FUE technique applied in hair transplantation is also applied in eyebrow transplantation. In this technique, hair follicles in the nape area are taken and transferred to the eyebrow area. Eyebrow transplantation procedures are more sophisticated and specialized compared to hair transplantation. Because eyebrow hair grow at a different angle.

The angle and direction of the hair at the starting point, middle and inner parts of the eyebrows should be different. And, it is necessary to treat each area in accordance with its nature. Hair which is not transplanted accordingly cannot be shaped correctly. Therefore, it is necessary for eyebrow transplantation procedures to be performed in a correct center and by specialists.

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    How Long Does Eyebrow Transplantation Take?

    It takes 3-4 hours totally to collect the grafts one by one from the donor area, to open the channels correctly in the eyebrow area and to transplant the grafts to these channels. This duration can be a little longer or shorter depending on the numbers of grafts to be transplanted.

    Eyebrow transplantation is applied to the areas by local anesthesia. The person is awake during the procedure.

    Post-Eyebrow Transplantation Points to Consider 

    Person can continue their daily lives in the post-hair transplantation period. It is not necessary to avoid from business life. Very minor scabs can be seen in the area.

    It is recommended to avoid from getting in the sea or pool for a few weeks and not to be exposed to intense sunlight against the risk of infection.

    Eyebrow Growth after Eyebrow Transplantation 

    Eyebrow loss can be experienced after the transplantation just like in the hair transplantation, which is  normal.  The shedding period can take three months. After this period, shedding stops and eyebrows begin to grow again. It takes 7-8 months for the new eyebrows to take their final shape.

    Since new eyebrows are transplanted from the scalp, they will grow as fast as hair. So, the eyebrows that grow in weekly period can be cut and shaped. Within a year after the transplantation, grats will have been adapted in their new area and the growth rate will have gotten in the order they should get.

    Can the desired shape be obtained with eyebrow transplantation?

    The desired shape can be obtained through the eyebrow transplantation process performed by specialists. And giving the shape matching with the face shape requires specialty as well.