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DHI Hair Transplantation

Hair holds an effective power to make very important changes on people’s appearance. A nice and vibrant hair structure helps people feel good in many ways. That’s why, it is a necessity to keep the hair healthy and in a good structure through personal care all the time.

On the other hand, people sometimes face with various kinds of unwanted hair health problems in their lives. And, hair loss is the most common problem in this sense.

Fortunately, thanks to high quality methods such as DHI hair transplantation, people can regain their hair health. As the specialists in the hair transplantation field, we can provide people with the necessary support accordingly. We help them regain their hair in the healthiest way possible.

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What is Dhi Hair Transplantation?

There are many alternatives which people can benefit from when overcoming the hair loss problem. And, dhi technique is drawing attention by being one of the most commonly used and safe techniques. A graft collection is realized with the help of a medical pen called choi in dhi technique.

Afterwards, the grafts obtained by means of the pen are transferred directly to the areas of hair deficiency without requiring to perform any incision. Compared to the old methods, dhi technique enables operations to be performed much faster.

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    Stages of Dhi Hair Transplantation

    As in many techniques, Dhi technique which will be used for hair transplantation requires to perform the operations based on particular planning.

    • The follicles in the selected donor area are collected one by one,
    • The appropriate angles for the placement of the hair follicles in the relevant area are determined,
    • The appropriate medical tip is chosen for the thickness of the hair’s follicle structure, 
    • Grafts are transferred to the hoops created without incision,
    • The process is completed within approximately 10-12 hours.

    Dhi technique does not require to perform any incision on the skin and healing process realizes very fast. It is very high chance that the person can get back to the normal life after the relevant controls.

    Advantages of the Dhi Technique

    Dhi technique is a highly preferable technique for overcoming the lack of hair since it is a modern and comfortable technique. This method bears many advantages.

    Since collecting and placing hair follicles are performed at the same time, it is time-saving. Providing a fast recovery process and a natural appearance are only some of its advantages.

    Who Can Benefit From The Dhi Technique?

    Almost every individual who has faced with hair loss can benefit from the medical technique which will bear good results. You can get professional support from our health institution, which has high experience in its field. You can safely get the hair you want in the shortest time.

    Prices of Dhi Hair Transplantation Technique

    Our service prices at the health center where we perform hair transplantation operations are very reasonable. Generally, prices may differ depending on the area to be applied.

    However, you can always benefit from the most affordable options by contacting us. You can easily reach us via our contact information at any time.