Cosmetic Leg Surgeries

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Cosmetic Leg Surgeries

Our specialist doctors eliminate sagging caused by excess weight gain or loss from the legs, disproportions due to weakness, and congenital bow leg problems with cosmetic leg surgeries. Leg beauty that women care about, leg aesthetics, is provided by cosmetic surgeries.

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Why are the Cosmetic Leg Surgeries Performed?


Ladies with curvature in their legs cannot wear skirts. In addition to the skirt, they cannot wear tights that wrap around the legs and reveal their curvature. Short clothing in summer is a nightmare for those with bow legs. It really is not possible to hide the problems in their legs during summer.

We serve to open the doors of happiness to those who are unhappy because they cannot wear the clothes they wish to.

Conditions Requiring Cosmetic Leg Surgeries

Some conditions that occur in one or both legs require cosmetic leg surgeries.

  • Bow legs
  • Asymmetrical Legs
  • X leg
  • Very skinny legs
  • Very thick legs

Sometimes, aesthetic problems may appear in the entire leg or in certain parts of the leg. Excessive thinness in the wrist is an example of an aesthetic problem in a certain area of the leg.

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    Cosmetic Bow Legs Surgeries

    Cosmetic bow legs surgery is the procedure preferred by those who want permanent results. During the operation, the legs are redesigned by removing the excess fat in the abdomen and waist area. In cases where there is not much fat in the abdomen and waist area, we use fillers to correct the curvature in this area. We apply local anesthesia during the filling process. We prefer general anesthesia during abdominal and waist fat removal operations. The procedure time is 1 hour and does not require hospitalization.

    The bow legs are caused by the disproportionate distribution of fat. It is more common in children with vitamin D deficiency in childhood. Bone curvature is not intervened during the bow leg operation. Only with the liposuction method, the fat is taken from the waist and abdomen and injected to the curved part of the leg. With this treatment method, we provide you with a lifetime of relief from leg curvature. In short, our treatment is permanent for life.

    Thigh Lift

    As a result of sudden weight loss, sagging occurs in the inner parts of the legs. The sagging becomes evident in the inner part of the thigh. In some cases, sagging occurs in the entire thigh, and not just in the inner part of the thigh. In such cases, you can say goodbye to sagging with a thigh lift operation. Our patients express their satisfaction after the operation. During this process, excess skin is cut and excess fat is removed. Although it is a difficult procedure, in the end, we provide you with a more beautiful leg appearance.

    Cosmetic Knee Cap Surgery

    The knees are one of the key points in leg beauty. Deformity in the knees spoils the appearance of the entire leg. Deformity in the knees causes an unpleasant sight on the leg. The deformity in the knee area is usually caused by excess fat. Sometimes sagging occurs with frequent weight gain and loss. We provide you with a beautiful appearance by removing excess skin and fat with an easy operation.

    Cosmetic Surgery for Extremely Skinny Legs

    During this operation, the legs are filled with prostheses. Prosthesis sizes vary from person to person. We apply the prostheses between the knee and ankle of the lower legs.