Cosmetic Buttock Surgery

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Cosmetic Buttock Surgery

Buttock surgery, one of the cosmetic surgeries performed by women who want to achieve a more beautiful appearance, is performed on the area from the waist to the buttocks. The buttocks are made to have a fuller and rounder appearance. Cosmetic buttock surgery, which is a popular practice recently, consists of operations performed on the waist, hips and buttocks. In cosmetic buttock surgeries, it is aimed to create a shapely and firm buttock by removing the excess in the waist and hip areas. In this operation, if necessary, fat can be injected into the upper parts.

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Types of Cosmetic Buttock Surgeries

There are different options in this operation, which is preferred more often by women who want to have a more shapely and aesthetic hip. Especially women who think that they have a hip that is disproportionate to their body can achieve the hip structure they want with such operations. Today the cosmetic hip surgeries carried out are:

  • Buttock reduction operation
  • Buttock lift operation
  • Buttock augmentation operation

One of these operations can be preferred according to the structure of the hip and the desired image.

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    Methods Used in Cosmetic Buttock Surgeries

    Buttock operation is shaped according to the person’s request. The methods used in cosmetic buttock surgery are generally known as;

    • Butt firming
    • Butt lift
    • Brazilian butt lift

    The butt is put into the desired shape with Brazilian butt lift operation. At this stage, the hip and waist area is brought to the desired level, too. Fat is removed, and the waist is thinned. Then, the firming process is performed with the butt lift operation. Different methods can be used depending on the shape of the body and the desired shape.

    Who Can Have A Cosmetic Buttock Surgery?

    Cosmetic hip surgery is a method applied for women who are not satisfied with their hip structure and hip appearance. The lower age limit for performing this operation was determined as the age of puberty. However, the operation is usually preferred by women between the ages of 30 and 55.

    The Process After Cosmetic Buttock Surgery

    After the buttock surgery, patients stay in the hospital for one day. After the surgery, the patients wear a corset and this corset is worn for three weeks. Patients who are discharged one day after the surgery, can take a shower two days later. In this operation, the sutures remain under the skin and they do not need to be removed. The patient, who started to exercise three weeks after the surgery, can return to their daily life after six weeks.

    Methods Used in Cosmetic Buttock Surgeries

    Women who have buttock surgeries and get successful results are a great source of inspiration to other women. Thousands of women take great interest in this procedure. However, some women have different doubts about the methods used in buttock surgery. The methods applied in such operations are as follows;

    • Fat injection application; the fat in the waist, hip and buttocks is removed and a shapely appearance is provided.
    • Butt silicone; with this method, the buttock appears firm.
    • Butt lift; is used to remove excess skin on the buttocks of women who gained and lost weight.

    These procedures are decided by the doctor who will perform the operation according to the body structure of the person.