Cosmetic Breast Reduction Surgery

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Cosmetic Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgeries, which are needed for aesthetic sense and health reasons, are performed under general anesthesia. Although pain that is not too severe may be experienced in the days after the surgery, the complaints disappear in a short time with applications such as pain relievers and ice compresses.Again, depending on the operation, burning and stinging may be felt in the breasts from time to time between 6 months and 1 year. These are also temporary and mild discomforts. 

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Why Is Breast Reduction Needed?

Women with large breasts may experience health problems such as back pain over time.Or operations based on aesthetic purposes that will make the woman feel good and increase her self confidence can be requested.


In general the reasons for breast reduction operations are:

  • Deformation and sagging of the breast due to reasons such as birth, breastfeeding, aging. 
  • Large breast structure causes back, neck and shoulder pain 
  • Difficulty doing certain physical activities 
  • Problems arising from the contact of sagging large breasts with the abdomen
  •  Bra straps causing deformities on the shoulders and back 
  • There may be a need to ensure symmetry in women whose two breasts are not the same size


With a successful breast reduction operation, the problems listed are permanently eliminated.

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    How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed? 

    Breast reduction aesthetic operation processes may differ from person to person according to the breast structure of the person, the size of the breasts and similar features. For this reason it is necessary to communicate with the doctor before and after the operation and act in accordance with his recommendations.


    Before the operation, photographs of the person are taken, the targeted breast shape is determined and drawn on the chest.


    The operation is performed in a period of two hours with general anesthesia.

    At the beginning of the operation, a small tissue is taken from the chest and the test is performed.If there is no health problem that prevents the process, it is continued.Fat tissues, gland tissue, nipple and skin in the breast area are reduced.In this way, sagging is eliminated.


    You can be discharged on the same day after the operation.However, it will be necessary to wear a special corset recommended by the doctor, to make dressings and to be examined regularly for a while. 

    Is There Any Scar After Breast Reduction?

    For whatever reason, women who will undergo breast reduction aesthetics wonder if there will be any scars after the operation. After the operation, there will be scars on the nipples and lower parts of the nipple. However, since the scars on the nipple are in the dark area, they are not noticeable.The scars on the lower part of the chest are also in places that cannot be seen from the front.With the developing medical technology and modern applications, the scars are reduced to a vague level. 


    How Much Are Breasts Reduced With Breast Reduction?

    How much the breasts will shrink is determined by the size of the person’s chest circumference and other body measurements.A symmetrical and proportional body structure is targeted.Moreover, the breast should not lose its breastfeeding function after the operation.

    Breast Reduction Prices

    Breast reduction aesthetics prices may vary according to criteria such as the size of the tissue to be removed, equipment used, medicine and similar materials, the doctor’s degree of expertise and experience, and the practices of the hospital where the surgery is performed.To get a clear price, it is necessary to consult with the doctor who will perform the operation.