Breast Augmentation Surgery (Breast Implamants)

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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery refers to the interventions made by cosmetic surgery specialists with the aim of achieving the desired size, shape and form of the breast. Breast augmentation can be performed with surgical and non-surgical methods.

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What are Breast Augmentation Methods?

Breast augmentation can be performed with or without surgery. People who are afraid of surgery, do not want to have narcosis, or are at risk due to health problems may prefer non-surgical methods. Although there are various filling methods as non-surgical procedures, the most preferred procedure today is aquafilling filling method. In this procedure, the plastic surgeon enters under the breast and injects the Aquafilling filler with special needle cannulas. After the procedure, it is possible to return to normal life in a short time. Also, there are no scars.

Surgical breast operations also has different procedures. In cases where implants will be used, it may be necessary to choose between different implant types. There may be personal characteristics that require the preference of each procedure. Necessary information should be obtained from a specialist physician in this regard.

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    Why is Breast Augmentation Aesthetics Performed?

    Breast augmentation surgery is generally preferred for aesthetic concerns. These types of procedures make people feel better and increase their self-confidence.

    In the following cases, the breast form may reduce and sag and breast augmentation surgery may be required:

    Pregnancy: Intense hormonal changes occur during pregnancy. Body and breast shape change rapidly. Depending on these changes, the breasts may lose their fullness and sag after birth.

    Breast-feeding: Breasts become larger than normal during breastfeeding. When breastfeeding is stopped, sagging may occur in the enlarged skin and breast form.

    Rapid weight loss: In individuals who gain and lose weight rapidly for any reason, breast reduction and sagging may occur, similar to pregnancy.

    Genetic Problems: Due to some genetic problems, the breasts may not have completed their normal growth.

    In the aforementioned cases, aesthetic interventions may be required to make the breasts look fuller and youthful.

    In Which Situations Breast Augmentation Surgery Cannot Be Performed?

    For breast augmentation aesthetics, the breast should have completed its normal development and should not be present during periods of hormonal changes. These situations are:

    •       Breast augmentation surgery is not performed for people under the age of 18 because their physical development is not completed yet.
    •       Pregnant and nursing mothers are not operated on. It should be waited until six months after breastfeeding ends.
    •       If there are any significant internal diseases,
    •       In case of acute and chronic infection.
    •       Patients with diabetes,
    •       In cases of bleeding disorder

    In these cases, breast augmentation surgery is not performed or it is decided to wait until the problem goes away.

    Breast Augmentation Implants

    One of the most important breast augmentation methods is the use of silicone implants. These implants allow the breast to take the desired shape. Two types of implants can be used as saline and silicone breast implants.

    Factors such as whether the person who will be operated on has undergone this type of surgery before, their height, the distance between the shoulder and the nipple, and the rate of sagging in the breast are effective in the selection of the implant to be used. The best decision can be made by the specialist doctor.