Beard Transplantation

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Beard Transplantation

The procedure of collecting hair follicles from the scalp or other parts of the body and transplanting them in the beard and mustache parts of men is called beard transplantation. These procedures which are carried out by local anesthesia to the areas of transplantation should only be realized by specialist physicians. And those who claim to carry out hair and beard transplantation procedures in the market should be credited and relied upon.

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Why is Beard Transplantation Carried out?

For men, beard is of importance for aesthetic appearance. However, for several reasons including having very sparse beard congenitally or alopesi areata in the beard part, etc., men might not have any hair in the beard parts.

And men who want to find solution for such problems and increase their life standards and self-confidence can undergo beard transplantation. Highly effective results are acquired from this procedure which does not have much risk provided that it is performed by specialists.

It is important to have adequate information about the center to offer the service and to see the authorization documents.

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    FUE Technique is Used in Beard Transplantation Operations

    The most suitable method for beard transplantation is the FUE technique. In Fue technique, grafts are collected from the donor areas and transplanted in the beard part determined by the physician. One graft has 2-3 hair follicles on average. The neck, upper cheekbones and nape area are mainly preferred as the donor area. They are considered to be the most suitable areas since person does not need the hair here and they are close to the beard area.

    Following the donor areas, the physician determines the areas to be transplanted and how much transplantation will be carried out. And then, the process of opening channel is initiated. In order to provide a natural look, the channels should be opened in the correct frequency and direction. And specialist should carry out these procedures. That’s why everyone should receive this service from experts.

    Following the channels, grafts are collected from the donor area as many channels are opened. For this step, micromotor which is a very fine-tipped and high-speed tool is used.

    Can be Beard Saved after the Transplantation?

    During the post-beard transplantation period, any application which is applied naturally for the natural beard can be applied. It is possible to shave, of course. However, it might be necessary to avoid from shaving for a time duration specified by the physician who carries out the transplantation.

    Besides, the hair transplanted in the beard area might be shed within three weeks, which is very normal and there is no need to  worry about. Transplanted grafts will continue to produce hair in the new area. In other words, beard shed will grow once again.

    Price of Beard Transplantation 

    Since beard transplantation is a health service, the price should be kept in the second place. What is important here is to undergo a quality and healthy procedure.

    Prices are determined depending on the experience of the specialist, the number of transplanted grafts, the system of the center, duration of the procedure and other similar criteria.